The Challenge

Who is in charge of your IT?

Information technology strategy and execution are crucial for most businesses to enable growth, increase profitability, and reduce risk. Even enterprises with their own chief information officers (CIOs) require strategic guidance to keep their businesses in sync with their technology today.

Not only that. The contribution of the IT department to the company’s income creation must be quantifiable as well. IT departments must improve their credibility and responsiveness in order to assist the business in its transitions. New enabling technologies, such as machine-to-machine integration, mobile, and cloud technologies, as well as changes in user expectations (e.g. “usability,” “digital native,” “bring your own device”), necessitate IT transformation on a regular basis.


How Do You Know You Need This?

Some of these issues may be familiar to you

  • A comprehensive IT assessment is required or desirable.
  • An urgent situation requires quick leadership intervention.
  • A strong technological leader is required, but a full-time employee is neither accessible nor cost-effective.
  • The value of IT investment is unclear to management.
  • The IT department can benefit from professional training and growth.
  • To assist with plan execution, a skilled sounding board is required.
  • A gap in the IT senior ranks has arisen unexpectedly.


The Result

Brings Great Value and Drive Success

  • Business Benefits: Projects provide the desired return on investment or solve key problems
  • Project Execution: Projects are on-time on budget and meet expectations
  • Security: Appropriate risk mitigation strategies are in place
  • Stability and Reliability: The is available and reliable
  • Cost: IT investment is appropriate and well-managed
  • Intangibles: Better understanding of future strategic value to be gained from IT investment

The result: Committed to working with you to deliver better, together. 🙂